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This is how old love smells like.


A little brim of light

Which falls into the maze of your unseen sight.

To that closet, which enclose?

A box of old rounded papers.

How you once crawled them up to your bosoms

As if the entire feelings of thee that it sums.

Don’t you remember?

How you asked me about my well being

That, that’s the moment my heart spoked

But my mind sank.

Voiceless screams wanted to tell

About those days of

The vast green field, that is fresh like your smile

The endless horizon like the mystery in your face

That I still remember like you.

Time when you still secretly read those scribbled,

Silently, just by the corner, not to be seen by anyone.

That little sparkle, little melancholy that they embrace

Those words with which you still secretly have an unending affair

Reminiscing and being solitude yet in solidarity

Isn’t it strange how some old memories can still

Stir up your mind like the ruthless winds before autmn

Well, I guess this is how an old love smells seems to be!


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