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Third most popular sites in United States


Have you read about Reddit??no….coz that’s what Reddit says…I read on Reddit.

Ok, this Reddit, red rabbit thing is not getting into your brains.
Ok let me tell you about this thing.


An American social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion website.
Yes, you can write whatever you want, whatever strikes your mind. Wired or professional, Political or drama, it’s up to you.

How does it work?

The site is a collection of entries submitted by its registered users, essentially a bulletin board system.
It has numerous categories and the most popular posts are visible on the front page, from all the subeditors.

The user namely redditors can vote for or against the posts submitted and can also post comments and respond back in their.
By this they earn “post karma” and “comment karma” points for submitting each for link and text posts while the other is for comment .

They also have system of points called “creddits” .They serve as a badge of honour .And much more awaiting awards .

How did it become popular?

It gives you credibility , is that a reason??

Yes , if you have a witty boss , will you be happy if he doesn’t appreciate for your works now matter how good you do.
Of course not , when one appreciates you work ,you build up more enthusiasm to do and give your best shot.
So, credibility is a yes.


It has one of the best interfaces. The funcional utility is purely good. That’s why users visit it very frequently. the feedbacks, comments, views ,.and much more are a simple and efficient way for community interactions.

In the end,they won’t see your work design…the fonts, the colours..no nothing of this kind , what they want is the efficiency to access it.


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