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“Got a secret, can you keep it?”

It always started with ‘The Secret’ leading to promises. “He told me this” and “she told me that”,  was just another spoiler rumour in fact.
Why secret?

It’s all a secret in the starting and surprise in the end

Oh no!  Wait it’s not only surprises, it’s even the rumours unfurling.

Secrets too have variations like plasticity under psychology, which changes every now and then.

YouTube fever is an example I would like to share. One of the “main” idea is to earn and get famous with anything random.  Either liked or disliked, the name and fame matters. And once again variations of secrets enter through the so called ‘surprise’ in almost every channel. Day by day everything is disclosed. It’s no more a secret

The “guesses” are taking over. And once again the secrets are fading out.

It’s trending to post anything you want, but no one will care whether it’s right or wrong. It’s a stupidity spreading worldwide, to post random thing online. The lunacy of believing the gossip to earn a living just by making arbitrary clips.

There are tons and tons of secrets buried deep within the ground, but the mortals are busy in reaching the clouds.

So let’s go back in time for a while, when clips actually made sense. And we’re fresh and new, and actually the best at maintaining secrets!

And now-a-days, a single person takes over the world just by sitting and smiling for hours countinuosly in front of the camera.  Eureka! He’s famous.

And the girl who claims to be a role model, just because of her ‘style of singing’ which is highly trolled is unexpectedly famous too.  A common slogan used (have the courage to post it all).

In the name and field of entertainment it’s an irony, which made things simple for anyone to laugh out loud with no actual good reason.

The ‘Youth’ , by hearing this the expectation increases, where the secret of plans is disclosed. Where many keep expectations of creativity, where many fail in delivering. Youth is the main present to create a future but when it fails, the expectations shatter like a glass. To unveil a secret takes a lot of courage,  but even more for the one who is listening.

“Secret- my remembrance and memory to One! “


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