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Past and She!


A bout thou you vender in the past.

64 shades of wuthering last

went about the garden in the rosette.

eeiging takes a lot from the casket

I tried saying in a voice so high!

to behold it never says a neigh!

Gone with the wing I never saw those days

taking a last upon her ways

A toll I saw happened only once

Once and for all I saw you thence,

just thou meet in the lake

perking up on the mood that ye take?

I suppose you know not the days I spent

In the cold war on the stale bread lay the stent

felt once in a while I never told you thee

jerking up, stood up I like a tiger on spree!

Never you may, get to know my hug!

ever, never, like a purposeful tug!

I feel you going on the bold!

I give up know like a retendering east

A bout thou you vender in the past..


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