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My Lovely Friend


Sometimes all thoughts get together to make a person fear;

Each individual thought is from different category but each of it reduces the glory;

Lovely person is with me,calming my difficulties and quoting me;

As his voice is slow and sweet ,his words give me a much treat;

He,who not only transfers my mood but also makes me feel good;

There are some people  exported by God but he is one of them who looks like a lord;

His name resembles his features and makes others great creatures;

Remove the letter ‘a'(Harsh’a’)  that’s never be in his resume;

He feels shy for the first time and never repeats the same to have the best time;

He has no opinion on relation since he doesn’t get a companion;

He is handsome and makes others feel the same;

He has spectacles whose fame is covered in articles;

Finally he is a great ethical hacker who works for the secure future;



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