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Mi 8 beats iPhone X camera


Well here we go
It’s once again Mi 8 vs iPhone X camera challenge.
The interesting this is that the results are out.

The competition begins

Yes, the phone which you all troll about, calling it as iron box and crackers which it’s basically not, has won.

How to let’s see the differences
Both of their bodies are quite fabulous but then iPhone steals the show for this category.
Being this the main reason people buy it.

The salient features are it the colour, space, size and other specifications each have its own individuality.
Each has everything a busy person needs.

Let’s come to the main criteria, where iPhone didn’t bring it to the end.
Each of the cameras has a dual 12 megapixel camera.
Having both a wide angle and telephoto of f/1.8 and f/2.4 Aperture.
Apple having optical zoom and digital zoom, face recognition and other camera related everyday features.
Mi 8 having face detection technology, facilitated by IR technology.

But then how did it turn up. According to DxOmark image labs, Mi8 has won the competition by getting 99votes for its video clarity and 105 for picture clarity. Leaving apple with 97.

The judge

Now DxOmark is a leading source of independent image quality measurements and rating for a smartphone, camera and lens since 2008.

Therefore this year….we give the best camera quality award for Xiaomi Mi 8


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