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If only some day!


A small dream,

of how everything would be,


if we could hear the trees talk

if we could see the rain cry,

if we could feel sickness of Earth,

if we could understand the problems of dirt.


If we were those mute trees

dying of unheard plea.

if we those droplets

filled with pioson within,

if we were the decaying Earth

nearer to last breathe of her.

if we were the dirt

who is neglected.


If we can be proud of being the mordern

then why do we have non cureable problems.

If we are the most educated being

why don’t we understand we create for other thing.


If we have law for every crime

which law would you think punish us.

If every victims complains

wouldn’t there be a zillion who are to complain.

If we call for justice

will be justice given to thousand death

who never compalined.


If we can create a life,

than why are we killing one

If we strive to live

don’t you thinks the nature has the right too.


If we determine

we can make hell of heaven

if we are to live

lets rebirth our Earth

if we are to live

lets live together!


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