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A woman


I am a woman.

I am a legend.

For I’ve been retold and rewritten

By the Masculine and the Feminine. Equally.

I have been a slave,

In the hands of an oppressor

I have been brave

In the face of adversity

I have been defined by my sexuality

Yet a penny could outweigh my cry

For I’ve been part of a barter system

Where my body’s mistaken for my soul

My moans misunderstood as a hall of shame

For we’ve been told it’s a sin

A sin of choice, they forget.

Who made the rules?

Who assigned the roles?

Respected and degraded within a moment

A temporary lapse of judgement

Forges our character

They ask for a landmark, to the world beyond

Yet lose their way for they look for flesh in our heart

Than the blood seething within

They look for fairy tales in our eyes

Oh! But what a revelation!

They see our eyes ablaze with fire

With strength of a dragon and will of a fighter.

Treading along a path with thistle and thorns

Embellished with roses

Grotesque and eloquence walk hand in hand

When one man holds her hand and other a sword

She seeks power from within

Delicate yet fierce

For history has been a hypocrite

Celebrating her existence

Yet shunning her, at the same time.

Woven through innumerable threads of love, hurt, compassion, pain, lust and joy

Elements of nature morph her being

She’s fire, water, wind, vacuum and earth.

Women are not poetry or prose

We’re not damsels in distress.

A universe lies within us and we live amongst you

Thriving to survive

On a morsel of land, sea and air.

We don’t live in the embers or shadow of a doubt

We live with an insatiable appetite to move mountains, make a difference and proclaim our life

Maybe we are a conundrum

A riddle to be solved

You reach out for a clue

Leaving out all the rest

And hence, you all stand translucent

To our cause.


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