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Amusement parks have always been the most entertaining and adventurous place to look for. So in this article I am going to tell you about the most amazing amusement park i.e. Wonderla. Here I am speaking about the Wonderla amusement park Bangalore, as I visited it recently.

It is located 28 km from Bangalore, on the Mysore road. The ticket prices are as follows:

Regular Days (Normal Tickets)

Adult: Rs. 890/- + Taxes

Child*/ Defence/ Senior Citizens: Rs. 720/- + Taxes
Kid**: Rs. 150/- + Taxes
Peak Days (Normal Tickets)

Adult: Rs. 1,120/- + Taxes

Child*/ Defence/ Senior Citizens: Rs. 890/- + Taxes
Kid**: Rs. 150/- + Taxes

Regular Days (Fastrack Tickets)

Adult: Rs. 1,490/- + Taxes

Child*: Rs. 1,190/- + Taxes
Peak Days (Fastrack Tickets)
Adult : Rs. 1,890/- + Taxes

Child*: Rs. 1,490/- + Taxes

There is a big advantage to the Fastrack Ticket users, as you get entry immediately without waiting in the queue. And of course the college students get discount provided they carry their college ID cards and have age limit of 22 years. The park opens at 11 am and closes at 6 pm on regular days.

Let’s come to the rides section. There are two types of rides: the dry games and the water games. Go for the dry games first, as you won’t be allowed for them if you have wet clothes on. I will be mentioning about the thrill rides here, as these give you the adrenaline rush and trust me you will feel proud of yourselves after finishing the rides. Do not miss the Recoil ride, the most thrilling ride which is reverse loop roller coaster. It is the must go ride. Next try out a ride called Equinox; it’s the next most thrilling ride just beside the recoil one. It will take you up to 16 meters high above the ground, swinging and rotating you in all the directions. You will definitely get the feeling of touching the sky. Then comes the mixer rides which are approximately 5 in numbers, try out any one and you’ll experience the blood rushing into your brain. You can try Maverick one, as you will have your friends sitting beside you. But all of these 5 rides are all possible direction ride, so try at your own risk. There are two drop down games, one of them was under construction when I visited. One is drop zone and other one I guess flash tower. I tried the drop zone, trust me if you have fear of heights then you are going to scream your lungs out. There’s Wonderla bamba, you go clockwise and anti clockwise direction with unexpected speed.

All other games are fine, you can handle the thrill there.

Now for the water games, I started with the twisters. You’ll feel that you are going to drown at the end of the ride, but trust me it’s just shallow water at the other end. Then comes the Boomerang; it’ll start with a tunnel and suddenly you are dropped down into a boomerang shaped slide. You will have a cameraman capturing your expressions; you can collect it at the end. Banded Kraits are again water slides where you can sit 3 people maximum on a raft and enjoy the thrills during unexpected curves. And the vertical falls are the scariest as you will be at a height of 6 story building. Wave Pools will give you a total feel of sea waves, only difference is waves won’t take you away. There are so many other rides like Jungle lagoon, Lazy River, rain disco etc. You might not be able to enjoy all the rides in one single day, but it’s worth visiting. You also have resorts to have a night stay here and I won’t mention about the food in details as it’s the adventure I am talking about here. So do visit Wonderla!


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