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Why,Be a Traveler


Somebody has said,”If you think adventure is dangerous try routine, it’s lethal.” Now that is truth making sense. Travel and adventure are so very synonymous. So how about spending a few minutes in understanding and embracing the ‘be a traveller’ idea?

  People take trips for various business and leisure purposes, but when travelling, trips take the traveller. A traveller tends to function much beyond the mental set of road maps and Google maps and follows her instincts. She would blend in the flavour of that place and make an honest effort to adopt their culture.  She would try to learn the local language and promptly start exchanging pleasantries in that language. For once, she would keep her headphones aside and give a chance to their folk music to fill her ears and heart; thus renew her heartbeats, improvising the choreography of her predictable life with an entire new perspective. She would never hesitate to try different native apparels and perhaps look somewhat outlandish. Some, who make faces and grumbling sounds at the local cuisines, she would instead appreciate and have them even if it meant stomach ache for the next few hours so as to not miss out on the nuances. Travelling like this, involving in the phenomenon sincerely and creatively is an art wherein not even a handful specialise. Travelling makes you an artist giving you the liberty to paint the canvas of your life with breathtaking and beautiful experiences.

  More than destination it has roads and journeys to offer which should be cherished as well. It adds on to one’s knowledge invariably, for it is always easy to learn from experience, maybe that is why our episodic and flashbulb memories are so efficient, also visualisation outweighs factual memorization many a times. Building relationships on the way improves the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in the traveller. Travelling makes you a forever learner.

  William. G. Archer when examining the damage caused by an earthquake in Bihar in 1934, chanced upon the Madhubani paintings in the interior of the homes of people practised skilfully by the women in Bihar. It had existed since long but got the recognition it deserved only thereafter. Travelling can lead to beautiful consequences.  It also makes you figure out the little things like, have all mothers across the country and globe  overcome their functional fixedness by using the broom as a hitting object or is it just India! Travelling makes you a discoverer of things you would love to find.

Travel, it makes one humble. You see that there’s a lot more than you in this world and that you occupy a such a tiny space. It brings out the artist, the learner, the discoverer and a lot more in you. It teaches you to seek pleasure out of exhaustion, makes you feel stress free and better than ever.

  Frankly, if travelling was free, you would never see me again!



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