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What Everyone Must Know About Kerala-A must visit state


Well, you might be wondering why I termed it as a must visit state, that is the sole reason it is called as” Gods own country”.

Well let me recall the great conversation with my roommate for our next travel adventure, and yes I was suggesting Kerala.

Well then her problem was with the coconuts and I was explaining the pros behind those coconuts.

Well then bucket list wishes should be fulfilled and yes to  explore Kerala was one among them. It’s not possible to explore within a week, but then 2 months in hand was enough.Summer ,our thirst for travelling is unquenchable.


Pitstop number 1 was Alappuzha( a city on water )or shortly named as  Aleppy is a must visit the place.There are many other pit stops so let me stop counting them,because  the list goes on.

Then there is the great Periyar, Wayanad, Thekaddy famous for their biological reserves.It’s also necessary for us to show our faces to the nature,we owe them a lot these days.

Munnar, Wagamon, Nilambur, Silent Valley, the richest places for camping, trekking and hiking.well dreaming about them doesn’t do the work,let’s give it a go and really give it a try,let this be not for Instagram and facebook stories. Let them be your lifetime stories.

Numerous beaches is the one of the wealth for Kerala. Cherai, marine drive, Kovalam are examples for this. Summer again,a bit of water would do the job.

Well, that should do for the roaming part, then comes the amazing and extravagant cultures of Kerala.

Onam being their biggest celebration, the great Thrissur pooram, their various dance forms Mohiniyattam, Kathakali…and much more.Should get to know more when I reach there.

Games…..man there are many.Vadamavalli, pallamguzhi…and much much more.well then this seems interesting.

After the major dispute of coconuts was over, trust me I am not going to give up on the cuisine of kerala,including major sea food goals and their healthy diet like Appam,Puttu,Idiappam ….and the list goes on.well who will miss a breakfast which contains no oil,completely nutritious.seriously who will miss them,we are like literally having a diet plan but a tastier one.

Sacks like Unniappam, Murukku,Achappam…oh names are wierd but not the food ,trust me.

Damn no wonder Kerala is intersting and intriguing.

Other things we all know,highest lireacy rate,best places for Ayurveda ,highest sex ratio.

Our geography text book stuff.but then when it comes to tourism no one can think of various stuff that kerala can return you back.

Well the,at’s my travel destination and yes I’m not going to miss it.


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