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Vivre in Paris!!


Paris undoubtedly is the most romantic city in the world!! The beautiful boulevards, the small quaint cafes lining the streets, intricate architecture on walls doorways, the lights ,the eclectic vibes and I could go on…

I am not describing Paris for the tourists ala lonely planet, trip advisor type.

I relocated to Paris a few years back following my husband who moved to the head office.

We as a family were so nervous. Felt like we were going to an alien place. Language I said ,how will we manage? The relocation agency pacified us that I could take French speaking  classes but I was still apprehensive. At this age will I be able to learn ?Going back to school was never on my radar.

So many other issues ..like every parent I was worried for my children.. good school they must get into ..their adjustment. Friends.. and of course house furniture and all the so very basic but important things that we housewives worry about!!

Anyway go we must career growth and all..

Bonjour Madam! And my stay began !!

What an adventure it was! As we got down at the Charles de Gaulle Airport first thing that struck was how inappropriate our clothing was .Everyone had their black woolen coats and mufflers and here we were with our sports jackets! Our best it was and how smart we had thought we looked at the Mumbai Airport.

We reached the service apartment and a person at the tiny reception informed our room was on the second floor. Lift we asked ?He said pas de ascenseur.!

What? We looked with dismay at our humongous suitcases and then and there decided never again to use them. We dragged them up the flight of stairs thankfully they were less number of steps..

We had heard the rooms are small and were ready for it but so small?? With barely any place to move around with our suitcases open life started in this strange beautiful cultural city.

New morning breathing in the crisp clear air we reached the American School. And what a warm welcome! Coming from India where parents are treated with disdain in schools it was an absolute pleasure. We heaved a sigh of relief at least the children were in a good hands.

We immediately learnt to say Bonjour Bonsoir merci to one and all.

Trip to IKEA  a must for all expats and we were no exception!! We picked up our stuff at the store and asked for delivery. Of course it can be delivered but we must pay.. no free deliveries. And I looked at the boxes the entire Do it Yourself stuff. Incredulously I looked at my husband. Are we to make all these cupboards chairs ourselves?? We had to pay a huge amount to the carpenters. But they did a great job!!

Oh so many new things we did..Struggled with the language.. the drivers didn’t understand our accent and we rehearsed the whole conversation before picking up the phone to call taxi.

Despite all the hardships I thoroughly enjoyed my stay .Such a beautiful city with the French so proud of their culture ..be it snow or sunshine on holidays all parks have families celebrating enjoying outside the stations buzzing with music

 Such good looking people and so well turned out with their scarves coats… the girls and the guys ready to walk the ramp! The glamorous moms and sexy salt and pepper haired fathers at PTMs.!You can just let the day go by on the Champs de Elysee just watching the day go by. Listening to some street music..sipping coffee, having baguette sandwiches,breathing in the magic of Paris!!

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