We live in a world where you can find more than hundred people travelling to different parts of the country or world like every now and then… different transports are used, cars, bikes, trains etc. majority of them travel to go to their office, schools or colleges. But there are however, a good percentage of people who travel from place to place just for pleasure or a well-deserved holiday.

Travelling always opens up to new experiences, knowledge about that place or to know more about yourself (how do you manage, what kind of people do you attract etc) and a desire that’s fulfilled. I remember my first experience all alone from Goa to Bombay! Of course I was extremely nervous because I haven’t travelled such a long distance on my own. It was a 12 hour train journey… and I realized that when I stepped down off the train safely, I kind of felt like a whole new person. Travelling to foreign countries has a charm of its own… but again taking into account one’s financial background, travelling by air or sea can provide a lot of thrills and excitement.

For example even when it comes to staying in a particular place during holidays, the place where a person stays can actually impact the entire journey and experience. Maybe staying right next to the beach where you are able to see the sunset, or on mountains maybe you get to experience the wild side of nature, or in tents on the desert you get to experience the calmness and the beautiful star gazing in the night… all this does have an impact in your travelling experience.

Holidaying in your own country could also be so very pleasurable and refreshing… like I know so many people from India who have travelled to various places and they are so very different! They see life in a different way all together; they are the ones who are much more stable in life, much calmer, and patient, relaxed and also the most encouraging ones…

For me travelling has been one of my ways of getting to know myself. How I manage around people whom I don’t know, what is the experience when my phone keeps going out of network or range and how I learnt to manage that panic to calmness, oh how when people stare seeing me alone to just act as if I was calling someone or to talk on the phone about the person who is looking at me, from not thinking what to buy when parents are with me to actually having second thoughts of  whether I should actually buy certain things, to ask myself that is it actually a need or a want?  In learning how the actual world works and realizing that all these years I was living in a bubble where everything was so unreal and when that reality hits you hard of how to be prepared for even that. So yes I can say travelling has indeed taught me a lot of things and I enjoyed it a lot and I can say that my pleasure of travelling has been double since the time I’ve come home! So yeah I am indeed waiting to travelling somewhere alone again!



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