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The garden city to get India’s first helicopter taxi service


If you are a Bangalore resident or happen to be in the garden city, you know about its crazy traffic problem these days.

In order to solve the traffic crisis of Bangalore, a company called Thumby Aviation has started helicopter taxi service to carry people from city’s Kempegowda International Airport to Electronic City, Phase 1 and HAL Airport. You heard that right! This means that journey, which  usually takes more than two hours will now just take 15 minutes!

The helicopter taxi will carry out three round-trips between Kempegowda International Airport and Electronic City from 6.30 AM to 9.30 AM and another three from 3.00 PM to 6.15 PM.

In order to book the tickets, you just have to do is install an app called ‘Heli Taxii’ on which you can choose your flight, your pick-up and drop locations, luggage information and number of seats.

The cost of the ride is quite high. One seat will cost ₹ 4,130 and includes the drive from the KIA terminal to the helipad. Luggage up to 15kgs will be free and beyond that, extra cost will be charged.

So what do you feel guys about this flying taxi?


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