Kottigehara Chikmagalur

Kottigehara is a village located atop the Charmadi ghat in Chikkamagaluru district in Karnataka.

That ain’t a temple, or a city or a mountain nor a river or pond. Then why?

Breathing in pleasant climatic conditions. This place has a prominence for its calm and composed atmosphere and a relaxing stay.

Being near to Dharmastala, Belur and other tourist places, this village has a relaxing weather.

Moreover, everything is available from hotels to movie theatres.

Karnataka has a special place in the world of Indian classical music, with both Karnataka (Carnatic) and Hindustani styles finding a place in the state, and Karnataka has produced a number of stalwarts in both styles.

Karnataka has a rich diversity of flora and fauna. The forests support 25% of the elephant and 10% of the tiger population of India. Many regions of Karnataka are as yet unexplored, so new species of flora and fauna are found periodically.

When it comes to cuisines and tasting.
The food from Karnataka includes a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and comprises various cuisines that include Udupi, Malnadu and Mangalorean cuisines.

Ragi and rice are the staple food items for Karnataka especially in the south region of the state whereas folks from coastal regions mainly consume fish curries.

This place which is very far from the main city has a vast diverse culture of the above properties. Simple and peaceful this village lies almost much away from all the dust and pollution.

When it comes to checking out places, it’s not only about the various tourist places, but also to learn about the diversity and living in an area .
It not only socialise us , but also brings in responsibilities.
Travelling can be done anywhere and anytime .
Undertanding and bringing the right need can really bring a good meaning to it.


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