Are you a nature-lover? Do you like travelling to off-beat, peaceful niches? If you have an appetite for long-rides amidst dense, scenic forests- Jim Corbett National Park is the perfect spot for you! 

The journey, as incomparable and attractive as the destination, wherefrom you would hesitate to return. 



The route to this zone is from Durgadevi temple at Kotdwar via Duggada-Ramnagar road. 

A multitude of colourful birds, chirping alongside the riverine expansions, the ringing sound the springs  and the breath-taking flora and fauna remains a surreal experience.

The well-maintained forest rest house, with its cordial staff serve an amicably hospitable ambience. Couch yourself back near the windows, make yourself comfortable and at home; enjoy, explore while you live the myriad tenets of Nature.


SONANADI WILDLIFE SANCTUARY- Relatively isolated, enriched with natural landscapes, serene, tranquil river-beds-  this area is worth falling in love for, again and again. One can spot herds of deer, hopping and grazing, wild boars, Sambhars, foxes and hyenas roaming around freely, Langoors and monkeys sipping water from the pleasant streams and so much more.

This is the only zone where you may be allowed to take your own vehicle. Besides, you may contact the caretaker for open Gypsies. I would recommend SUVs or jeeps for the travel. However, Safari-rides are pocket-friendly as well.


PAKHRO–  Pakhro is situated at the periphery of the Sonanadi sanctuary. Overladen with wild-life, dense sal and teak forests and the river nearby, it is amusing to relish the stay here. You can gaze upon Nature’s most wonderful creations from very close quarters. 


Lower the windows of your car, feel the breeze, discover the beautiful world under the blue sky and carve memories etched close to your heart. Buckle up and head on for this unexplored tour! 




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