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A visit to the Scotland of East, Shillong


So this week we had holidays for around four days lets late five days. Holidays aren’t meant to be wasted in hostel rooms. The perks of being in hostel and university life are you create a lot of memories. And this time of life you travel a lot, yes, ofcorse with friends. So we had plans to visit some places. Well, we all settled to visit Shillong this weekend. I have visited shilling before but it became more enjoyable with friends with you.

Shillong, the Scotland of the east. Well its heaven with greenery, pleasant weather and lots of places to visit. The presence of many well reputed educational institutions; many of them established by various missionary groups make Shillong the hub of education for the entire north-east and is also accessible from all sides. Shillong  is basically a hill station and the capital of Meghalaya, which means “The Abode of Clouds” and is one of the smallest states in India. A visit to shilling during its cherry blossom festival is a sight you can never forget. There are like many places which you can visit. I am going to list a few that we visited.

Shilling peak- this is a must visit in shilling which is situated 10 kms from the city. Shillong Peak offers spectacular views of the city from an height of 1965 m above sea level which makes it the highest point in Shillong offering stunning views of greenery and cascading waterfalls. You will be able to view the majestic Himalayan peaks and the Bangladesh plains from here if the weather is good to you. Indian Air Force has its radar station here.

Dawki – This place is a majestic beauty. You can have a ride on the glass-like, emerald green waters of the Umngot – the water is so clear that one can see the river bed 12 feet below.  Located in the Jaintia Hills, the Dawki-Tamabil border crossing between India and Bangladesh. Yes you can even set up camps there.

Elephant Falls– this is originally called the Three Steps Waterfalls, which was later called as Elephant Falls by the British. The stone that resembled an elephant near the beautiful falls inspired the British to name the falls thus though the stone but it is no longer seen as it was destroyed in 1897 by an earthquake. The rainy season brings more life to the already energetic waterfalls and you will see the falls in full vigor. Combine your visit to Shillong Peak and Elephant Falls on a single day they are just a few minutes away from each other.

Ward’s Lake- it is a refreshing pool surrounded by beautiful gardens which lay in the heart of the city. The serene lake and the cool shades of trees around it, makes it a nice spot for sightseeing and boating. The lake surrounded by patch of land with some exotic trees. In winter the park sheds most of its the leaves; except for the cherry blossoms, which paint the park in lovely off-white pink. A white wooden bridge in the middle of the lake is the most recognizable feature of Ward’s Lake.

Apart from these we visited the Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures, Capt. Williamson Sangma State Museum, Butterfly Museum, Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians and the state museum.

This is how we ended our trip to shilling and yes we stayed at a resort there which had a reasonable fare. There are a lot to visit, due to short time we made only to these places. So planning a trip do visit shilling and have some heavenly time there.


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