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A Road to remember


Well, this is not about “The Road not taken” by Robert Frost. This is a special one.

Well, Hyderabadis you might be knowing this very well.

And yes to people who are on their way to Hyderabad, add this to your bucket list.

Well, It’s just a road. A road. Nothing else!!

And yes you might be wondering why Necklace road, why can’t be any other road be special.


Let me tell you,  it’s not just a road. It’s mixed emotions. Sounds crazy,  Yes, because I felt it heavenly.


Nighty night, tired and hungry …..I was on a road hunt for a good restaurant. Yes….hunger can kill your brain!!. Ignoring the AC of my car, letting the city’s wind in, plugging my earphones, I was about to doze off.


Then I don’t know how, where and when my eyes just popped out, cool atmosphere, beautiful melody in my ears, I felt as if I was in another dimension.

What I saw was beyond phenomenal!

At that moment, I felt like what else do you need when you have a good day. It felt magical. You know what added the happy spirit to me, The beauty out there.


Necklace road

It is a stretch of road along with the Tank Bund and appears in the form of a necklace. Having many restaurants, recreational facilities and the best view of the city, it is one such beauty!!!!


This stretch also connects nearby parks such as Jogi bear park, Sanjvaiah park and yes one of the best water theme amusement park Jalavihar. Ntr gardens, Lumbini park is also on the way of this stretch.

No wonder I felt heavenly.

This place offers visitors with various options to choose from

-A cool drive

-Restaurants to dine in

– gardens to rejuvenate yourself

The lighting show at the standing statue of Buddha in the middle of Hussain Sagar is a place where you must treat your eye with colours.


It’s not only a place you can enjoy with your friends but also with your family members.


Well then grab your phones, get ready for you photoshoots ……yes get planned.

Picnics ??, Gather up your family members because there are lots of gardens to visit.

Food, not a problem at all as you have the coolest restaurants.

Fun, well this road is meant for that.

Now, Stay in Hyderabad ??? Set your next location to Necklace road.



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