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5 places to visit in summer vacations in India and make it memorable


Vactions are the time where we all have time for ourselves. We pften plan for trips either woth family or friends. Solo travels are best. So here are some places to probably you want to pack your bags to.

1. Mysore

This places is beautifully green with lovable climates. It is a most amazing place to visit. Even you have travel packs that would make you travel and visit places. The place has has historical and educational importance. And also most loved place in Bangalore.

2. Shillong.

Love for hill station, it’s a must visit. Museums, waterfalls, lakes, beautiful scenic beauty. And weather is mild.Try visit it during cherry blossom festival. You are almost in heaven.

3. Hampi

Hampi, in Karnataka is for for Indian heritage. Although small this place has much places of sight seeing, temples, forts. The places pleases your mind like nothing else.

4. Jaipur

My mind fills with aesthetic feelings by tgis name. The pink city welcomes whole heartly with much to visit and relish. The historical monuments, thier culture are imbibed into the souls of persons. Want to drench in tradition, do visit jaipur.

5. Delhi.

Summers and Delhi might not be good idea. But its dil wallo ki delhi. And you can never say no to chance to visit Delhi, for sure. Who wouldn’t want to admire The Taj in moonlight. Grab your chance this time.

There are lots more places but this 5 tops my list. And trips comes woth great advantage FOOD! People of different cultures traditions and their food. This would be enough to remember it to whole of your life. And yes this places are affordable not to costly, yes apart from the shopping part!



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