Numerous phones have started emerging in India.
Technology has started taking a new phase in this era. And we Indians have started taking it seriously. New features, new specifications, …the list goes on

When coming to phones, it’s another excitement. We crave the best and the fastest. We do not compromise on anything less. Well, there’s nothing wrong in that. Coming to the best phones in India, it’s a seasonal effect. It keeps on changing.
Well coming to 2k18, we have a brand new one.

Let’s check that out. Serving for better help among those who die with a dilemma for what to choose and what not to.

1) Samsung S9+

It’s a good news for big screen lovers. Well, then fellow people, the most wanted phone you are waiting for has arrived.
Having 6.2-inch QHD display and AMOLED panels, this phone is a shocking beauty.

Much similar to S8, this phone has better outfit looks. If you are looking for an attractive phone to fit in your hand. This is the one.

Owning specifications
Primath camera : 12+12 MP
Front cam : 8MP
processor : octa
Having a storage and RAM of 6GB|64GB.

2) Google pixel 2 XL

This phone is superior for its splendid and balanced performance. The camera of this phone has made the market go crazy about it.

This 6-inch beauty has a primary camera of 12.2 MP and front camera of MP
RAM and storage being 4GB|64GB.
Processor = 2.4 GHz , octa.

3) One plus 6

One plus has grabbed in may students hearts with its wonderful features. Coming to its main priority, is the camera and smoothness.

This 6.13-inch phone runs in Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Soc.

Camera qualities include 16+20 MP. RAM and storage include 6/8GB |64/128GB.

4) Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Pretty and fast, Galaxy Note 8 has made an excellent attempt to merge into the top 10 list.
Sleek and elegant, this phone is a real beauty and.
This one has a good look right enough to fit in your hands.
Major specifications include RAM and storage being 6GB|64GB.
12+12MP primary dual camera and 8 MP front camera. At the end a 2.3 GHz, octa processor.

5) Honor 10

This phone is now having the same pars of One Plus 6. Killing with its vibrant looks, this phone offers better battery life. Best of all, this phone comes with Android Oreo out of the box.
Primary camera having 16+24 MP.
Front camera having 24 MP.
This 5.84-inch piece of tech runs with Octa processor.

6) Apple iPhone X

Being the best phone of 2017. This buddy over here has always made us happy with its stunning beauty. It offers a packed performance of speed and picture quality.

This 5.8 phone has a 12+12 MP camera.
Processor of 2.39 GHz, Hexa.
Coming to its RAM and Storage, 3GB|64GB.

7) LG V30+

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Dual camera set IP of 16+13 MP primary camera, 5MP front camera. This phone from the “Lifes good” company has a smooth interference.

This 6-inch smarty has 2.45 GHz, octa processor. Coming to its RAM and Storage, we have 4GB |64GB.

8) Mi mix 2

Yes, now Available in India and also since 2017. This beauty has reached out everybody’s attention with its reasonable qualities.

RAM and Storage include 6GB |128 GB. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 825.

Having premium materials like ceramic has made a different attempt. Primary camera includes 12MP and 5 MP front camera. Having an Octa processor this one has a body of 5.99 inches.

9) Moto Z2 Force

This one has made up in the list with its facilities, yet to serve us. The phone features shatter shield saving your phone from at least a bit of rain. The phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 832.

RAM and Storage includes 6 GB | 64 GB.
Having a 2.35 GHz , Octa processor.
Primary camera :12 + 12 MP
Front camera: 5MP

10) Nokia 6

This 5.5 phone made it into the list. This one has made it not only because of its new features but grabbing the major part of being budget friendly.

RAM and Storage include 4 GB | 64 GB.
Having a 2.2 GHz,Octa processor.

Primary camera :16 MP
Front camera includes 5 MP.


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