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Not less than Miracle


Imagine you can move people or things anywhere you want to in the safest, quickest and fastest mode with minimum negative effect on environment. No, this is not any tale on fiction but this will gonna be the reality. Hyperloop, It is an innovative train services that would help people to travel and transport things in a capsule like structure with the use of vacuum and electronic propulsion. Which would lead to the faster transport services almost 2-3 times faster than high speed trains as it runs on the speed of more than 300 Km/Hr. The idea is the brainchild of Elon Musk who is the CEO of spaceX. Hyeperloop’s application is in the early phase of commercialization after the successfully testing the world’s full scale Hyperloop system. There are still some test which need to be done to check the feasibility of the same.

We are habitual to the fact that India is far behind the competition when it comes to technology.We just planned for the Bullet trains where as our main competitor China they launched it a decade before. But here comes the fascinating surprise, India could be the first to have Hyperloop. Virgin group signed the agreement for the development of the Hyperloop framework and they are planning to develop it by 2024. PM Modi recently signed agreement with Maharashtra to build Virgin Hyperloop between Mumbai and Pune.  The Hyperloop will be between Mumbai and Pune and it will reduce the time taken to 20 minutes from 3 hours journey. According to the business today It would support 150 million passenger trips, and saving around 90 million hours of time in traveling and transporting things. This will help to reduce the greenhouse gas emission by 100% and would lead to the socio- economic development of 3.5 lac cr. in the span of 30 years.

It is believe that they will bring the same revolution in 21st century as the Railway brought in the 2oth century. They will provide the thousands of job opportunity in the manufacturing, operations and other services in India and this will definitely help to bring down the unemployment level to the great extent.

This type of revolutions are very important to keep growing as a country. Many economist said that the possibility and rate of growth as a country would be higher for the developing country rather than developed country because there is always the scope of development. The emerging technology will not only help country to grow and be smarter but also it helps country  by providing the vision to move forward. So, technology is very important at the individual, state and country level to live and compete in this dynamic competitive world. It not only leads to the increase in the standard of living but also help us to grow as a country.

So, we can say that technology advancement is directly proportionate to the development of the country.


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