We humans have the tendency of surprising ourselves every once in a while. With the help of technology and science, we have launched ourselves on to the moon. Just when we thought that we couldn’t do any better, the best of brains are working towards populating humans on the other planets of the solar system. However, we were unable to work towards a better solutions towards decreasing pollution. Not anymore. We are slowing moving away from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) and started walking towards Electric Vehicles (EV). Electronic Vehicles, although not the only solution when it comes to decreasing pollution, it however, plays a crucial role in decreasing vehicular pollution.

When ICEs came into existence, they have revolutionized the way people commuted. However, with time and with ever increasing population and pollution, we needed a cleaner way of transportation. Ever since 19th century, in one way or another, research work towards electric vehicles has been going on. And then came hybrids like Toyota Prius, which run on both gasoline and on batteries. However, it is the 21st century that defined how an electric vehicle should be. Tesla started mass manufacturing state of the art electric cars that were not only functional but also luxurious, which grabbed the attention of the world.

The electric vehicles may not be flawless. Nothing in this world ever was and will never be. We humans are satiated by anything for only so long. Thus, we keep on trying to transform the better to the best. If one could remember the first cellular phone released by Motorola, it had no resemblance whatsoever with current generation smartphones. It was very heavy, didn’t fit in the pocket, battery life is short and by no means cheap. But what it did was, it paved a way for the next generation of cellular phones. It created a market for the mobiles. Now, if this world would have thought that the first cellular phone was not very practical, we would have still stuck with telephone. Time and perseverance can help us in overcome any shortcomings. So is the case with EVs.

In the current market, electric vehicle may not be the most practical investment. The cost of such vehicles is high. There are not many choices to choose from. The driving range is not that great for public transportation. There are simply not enough charging stations. There are not many third party service stations. The charging time is too high. It may not look like a sane choice to choose electric vehicle over internal combustion engine. However, when one looks at the other side of the coin, the running cost per kilometer in lesser than that of an internal combustion engine, they are loaded with electronic features and rider assists, less pollution free, offer increased internal cabin space, faster acceleration and better energy efficiency. Since the world is looking towards EVs as an alternative way of commuting, research and development by automobile and Lithium ion battery manufacturers in electric vehicles will make them so better in a decade, many of its disadvantages will be vanished.

Still thinking electric vehicles are not the future? Think again. China has ordered 80,000 electric buses for its public transportation. Countries like Sweden are working innovatively towards building roads which will recharge electric vehicles on the go. Indian government has kept a target of bringing more electric vehicles on the road by 2030. Indian government has also taken action to electrify the government sector vehicles. Several states governments in India have introduced electric buses for public transport. Indian companies like Mahindra, Tata have been competing for electric vehicle tenders. In a year or two, almost every major automobile manufacturer will have at least one electronic vehicle in their product line up. Companies like Tesla are investing hugely in improving the whole electric Vehicle experience. To add to that, there is a huge demand for Tesla’s electric car, Model 3 that the waiting period is well over a year. That didn’t hinder people from buying the car. There is only ever increasing demand for Tesla’s cars. With time, buying and using electric cars would become a regular affair. The days are not so far.





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