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Drunk or okay, the wristband says it all.


Drinking and driving has never been safe. Many deaths and accidents have occurred due this. although many steps has been taken to reduce this. Not every person can be kept in check. And moreover it is the responsibility of the person to be careful about. your life is precious and needs to be protected. Deaths are painful and this is really a huge loss to all those who love and care for you. And its only you but also put in risk the life of those innocent people on the roads or those are with you.

Police have tried to keep records. they use breathe testers to check either any person is drunk. there is a certain point to which it is acceptable. but this checking usually takes places late at night. there should have been steps taken to check at least within some amount of time.

So, there has been this invention of this cool technology, which keeps in check how much drunk you are to drive. BAC has the new technology which is unique and elegant solution made to this problem. this is basically a band which you wear around your wrist. Its like a watch which analyses that balance in our body through skin. It does so by the contact with skin and the sweat which is released and measures in the blood. instead of carrying something or depending on some test this is some which is more acceptable and is likely wearable. this can be carried which is not bulky of any sort. this has tracker and communicate it wireless connections. it is said that the device take only 45 minutes to detect.

“The blood alcohol monitoring devices used in legal and medical circles are big and bulky, like a ball and chain for the ones using it,” said Keith Nothacker, president of BACtrack. “We wanted to make something people would want to wear.“

this device is also low of cost compared to the previous devices those are being used. And many doctors have said there is change in the drinking habits of their patients. This device is really useful. When one drinks one one has the measurement and lands up in serious issues. This is what can be avoided through this device and mainly because it keeps the track of the drinking process. And this will make the person aware of how drunk they are and makes themselves cautious of it. this device is a brilliant discovery. As a growing rise in the drinking habits and problems realted to it this device comes a boon for the people in general and the society in particular.

But it is also to keep in notice that the number of people actually using this device. Also not many of the people are alcoholics that are really drunkards. Also to keep in notice the social and economic background from which a person belongs. Even the device may be of low cost, is it affordable to some sections of the society.Not every technology may be is useful in terms of people using it. This device may be used by the some sections of the people but to some it may not even be known to them. So when something unique has been made it is for the people and some measures should be taken to assure its reachhe people. Lastly any technologies may come and go but it entirely depends on the people, their habit, how they tackle this problem and how they solve it. Because it is us who can control yourself in comparison to any technologies.


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