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WhatsApp updates ‘Request Account Info’ feature for iOS users



In an effort to increase transparency about the personal data collected, WhatsApp has rolled out a new update on iOS where users can now ‘request account info’ under the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The update was made available on Android last month for beta users. With this new feature, users can request to see what personal data the Facebook-owned messaging platform is collecting on its servers, hence making it more open to the public. Users can go to Settings>Account>Request Account Info>Request Report to check their information. The request generally takes 3 days to process and the report is embedded into an HTML page. The report doesn’t contain personal texts as they are end-to-end encrypted but contains information like contacts, account information, settings etc. Once the report is generated, users will have a few weeks’ time to download the report or transport it to another device.

If a user makes any changes to their number or delete their account, the report will be made unavailable and will be cancelled. The new update also enhances the video calling performance and now allows group video calling option on selected devices in India. In China, the Call Kit Framework has been disabled on iOS to keep itself in the country’s App Store.



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