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One of the advantages of being a Mass Media student is the exposure I got to watch movies. And I was blessed to be a part of IFFI (international film festival of India)

I watched 20 movies in a week three movies per day… and the best part about these movies were that they all were of different languages. Though they were no censors but the message which was conveyed through all the movies was worth it

One of the movies that I really liked was an Italian movie called Ciambra, which was released on 23/11/2017. Being in this world where feminism and everything is going on this movie talks of how or what is actually takes or what a boy goes through just to prove himself to the society of how strong a boy has to be just because of the pressure that he’s going through… or how it is not a good thing for a boy to be emotional. This movie will definitely change your perspective about how even boys have insecurities and some decisions to make. Jonas being the director has beautifully shown that what are some things a boy goes through, just to prove himself to the world. This movie is focused mostly on a 14 year old boy who wants to be like his elder brother. He is the third male in the family of about seven ladies and he thinks he can handle things and earn for his family. One of the dialogues that I remember was  a conversation between this 14 year old boy and his brother where the elder brother challenges the other asking him “ so come on prove you are a man to be” . Until one day his brother is arrested for stealing and his wish of being a man or being like his brother comes true.. With keeping his mom and other siblings happy, he realizes that now he has become a man and can handle everything on his own which in turn, brings him in trouble. He manages to get out of trouble and last part shows how he has been challenged by his brother to actually prove if he is a man. This decision made by this 14 year old left the audience in an “awe” .The ending was really something to think about whether he decides to go back to his childhood self or to be a man. The movie ends with a song playing in the background that is Faded…


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