Television is the most used piece of technology for entertainment.
Moreover, we enthusiastically wait for our favorite shows to turn up.

But then when coming to Indian cinemas and tv serials, the latter has shown a really bad and adverse effect on people.

Indian economy is comprised of many different classes when coming to the middle class, we have housewives who almost spend their afternoon’s inside their home, doing all the daily chores of the family.

Their piece of entertainment thus becomes television. After their daily work, they depend upon TV serials which are being shown.

Most of them have a healthy start, when it comes to the middle of the show, they extend more adding more unwanted information.

This has become a common criterion for most of the shows.

Most of the shows focus on

People constantly fall in love with one person, but get married to another.

Multiple marriages. Cast members get married multiple times, to multiple members of the same family and no one seems to bat an eyelid.

People lie, cheat, keep dreadful secrets and yet no one in the family ever seems to know! In “joint family” where everyone lives in such close proximity, it is amazing that regular lies are never caught!

Definitely, there’s one person who rules the house and everybody should be with him/her.

Family members seem to constantly work to undermine each other.
Often, people are shown to arrange kidnap, murder, and rape of their own family members with outside goons!

At any time, anyone can get slapped! Domestic violence is rampant in these serials.

Well, the human brain has a tendency of remembering what we see more than what we hear.

We don’t have the same taste and same intention as everybody around us, this also applies to all the viewers of Indian TV serials.
What one can understand may be different from other.
Their actions thud based on what they see will be completely different.
Even when the right is portrayed, it sends out a few misunderstandings.

These serials do not reflect any aspect of India was know to be true.

What they show does not reflect the India of yesterday or today. God forbid if this is the version in India yet to come !!

Children who see these serials as possible mirrors of India and Indian life are bound to be gravely disappointed when they get to India.



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