Well, then when it comes to SUPERSTAR RAJINIKANTH’S film not always left me startled.
Many reasons, the movie, his action and much more. ( The list goes on).

There were times my classroom was empty during the first day of his movie release. Sometimes I used to wonder, why can’t they give us a holiday if they already know the class is going to be empty.
Surprisingly that’s what happens in his home state Tamil Nadu.

The government itself declares a holiday. That’s the power of this Super Star.

Having made over 150 films, the recent one being popped up is Kaala.

Kaala revolves around the story based on a political gangster theme set up in Dharavi, Mumbai. Directed by Pa.Ranjith and produced by Dhanush under his banner Wunderbar films, Kaala is an action film Starring Rajinikanth in the lead role. Other major actors include Nana Patekar, Huma Qureshi, Eswari Rao, Samuthirakani and other lead actors have been shown up in the film.

This movie is released in 1800 theatres today 7th June.

This story is based on the ” Diversity in Dharivi” says the director .

The story line of this film focuses on the problems and inequality , no-peace living in the slum area .


Here Rajjnikanth plays a Slum lord turned gangster in the film. Being portrayed around the surroundings of a society which is set up in Dharavi. Being a place filled with Tirunelveli tamilians live there. A place filled with mutli- cultural , multi -lingual and diverse society .

The star here having a family comprising of 4 sons, along with their grandchildren.

The story rotates around the adverse difficulties they face. Here the ultimate protector , Rajinikanth saves the day. A hero for all.

Having a good story line , this politician cum actor has made a really good release.

Having embroiled in the Cauvery controversy, kaala hasn’t got a good start.
Well thats the only thing which has got a bit backed up, but then, this wasn’t even visible due to the strong force of our Rajini Sirs fans.

Receiving a huge response , the first day of kaala has gone really well from blasting crackers to celebrating with sweets.

This has indeed started the cinemas offscreen journey , and the collection is still growing up.

Still ,the theatres is ours , why not have a look at our recent SUPER STAR’s show.

And yes
kya re , Setting ah???

Yes go for it people, and let’s see the new look of kala.


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