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How much are you crazy about your favorite series?


When it comes to entertainment, don’t we all have our own favourites. We are die hard fans of one of characters and anything might happen good or bad, it readily effects us. From childhood itself we all had our likings towards one thing and anything might happens we can never effort to miss the episode of it. The childhood cravings are carried on to even the adults stage. From cartoons to supernatural and fictional. You can never find anyone who doesn’t have this craze.

Numerous series are out there. Its not only the regional or English but korean, Chinese and other languages have gained popularity among the youth. One way it is very effective if we have keen interest in learning languages it serves as a way. The subtitles provided serves as a way. Again it provides various critics to society and traditions of it.

Although entertainment is a good source for passing time. But it has adverse affects on those watching. Firstly people tend to be always curious about what will happen next, the only thought which lingers over their mind is about the series. Those series tend to end in such avway that it curious the viewers most. Then the romantic ideals and the fancy and fictional characters that add up more spice to our consciousness. People tend tp forget the real world and imagine situations that is never going to exist in real life. But there grows an obsession with the characters with may at time let to some harmful events. Totally cutting youraelf from the general society and constantly living a life of dreams.

This are not bad but when we take it as only as a purpose of entertainment and not as sole purpose of life. Anyways apart from it we all love to be F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Don’t we!


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