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Some advantages of cinema advertising


Cinema is the only advertising medium which provides on screen advertising, branding, sampling, innovative advertisement at every remote corner across India.

Now a days cinema media reaches a huge target audience each month. It provides a broad marketing environmentapart from other marketing campaigns like Radio, Television, Newspaper etc. Movie theatre advertising reaches targeted consumers with innovative audience who generally have more receptive frame of mind.

Some advantages of cinema advertising and the ways of promoting brands through cinema are as follows-

  • Advertisement takes place on more bigger screen with colorful images and digital sound again and again, thus, people tend to remember the tagline of any particular advertisement.
  • Brochures distribution, poster boxes display, display on stairs, on seats, in lobbies, at the entrances etc. would also be effective in promotion of any brand.
  • In cinema audiences are more akin towards screen as there is no remote control system to change the channel and also there are no distractions in an enclosed movie hall.
  • Advertising can also be done when people are standing in ticket booking line using screens, posters, banners etc. As it will also keep people away from boredom while standing in ticket lines also for the people who book tickets online, sponsors may use those booking websites for the promotion of their products.
  • Now a day wide varieties of delicious food items also attract audience towards cinemaspromoters may use food packaging to promote their products and also distribute for free some small items to encourage people to buy the product.
  • In this phase of increasing digitization not only Australia is witnessing a 3D cinema boom but also other cinemas as well in which ads look very effective with 3D logos, pack shots etc.
  • Also cinema covers wide range of audiences from each social class as it is cost effective and accompanies by multiplexes to cover large masses.
  • For better product promotion and product information interactive sessions may also be done for instance at the movie end or during break the sponsor or the promoter himself come in front of audiences and talk to them about their product which is being displayed.

According to a survey cinema advertising is witnessing an average growth rate of 25% year on year. According to survey movie goers are 44% more likely to remember seeing an ad than TV viewers. Cinema has close to 100 millions admissions nationally every year. Brands have big impact there.

Talking about Indian cinema advertising Khushi advertising offers the most comprehensive ambient media solutions and services to create unique and innovative solutions for its clients. They offer the whole gamut of out of home solutions with stronghold in 100+ spaces in popular malls, 2500+premium cinema screens, 3airports, 900+ coffee shops,200+gym outlets etc.

PVR patrons are the kinds that are willing to pay more for a better lifestyle.

PVR clearly allows advertisers to target an audience Which is predisposed to spending on premium experiences across categories.

A search project called ‘The Bigger Picture’ conducted by Hall and Partners looked at the effectiveness of cinema advertising to help understand how cinema is adapting to today’s changing media landscape. Its finding suggest that cinema advertising is eight times more effective to make your brans out.

Of course other advertising formats have a huge scale of audience bur with cinema advertising brands can be particularly spot on and meet the audience face to face.



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