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Fate of 2019 elections. Who will WIN?



2019 elections- Infact one of the most trending topic now. But why is it so? The reason is the citizens of India are not at all satisfied with the present ruling. So “who’s chance it is next?” is the most exciting, thrilling and also a serious question because it is the future of entire India. But is India that much bothered about its future? If yes, what did they do till date? Did they realize what they want from the leaders at-least now? are the questions still left unanswered.

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We all know that India is a democratic country. We can elect our representatives. But are we doing it faithfully without any external forces? Are we electing right person? If we have a look at present Indian scenario and its political stature The answer to all the above questions is absolutely and boldly a NO. We are not electing are representatives who rule the country with am accountability and righteousness with integrity. So we should realize these aspects and vote carefully in the upcoming 2019 elections.

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Regarding BJP there are a mixed opinion polls and surveys conducted. Perhaps, this may be due to the influence of Karnataka elections. But before taking a decision just take a preference of what our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done to the country. Demonetization and GST comes to minds of people. Swatch Bharat campaigns and other social campaigns are also initiated by Modi. But merely by initiating the campaigns is not sufficient, ensuring its successful execution is important. But is is successfully executed? The answer is known to everyone.

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Congress party has absolutely lost the faith it has in people. What it has done to India? The answer may be a bit sarcastic in fact and most of the peoples opinion is that Can Rahul Gandhi rule the country in an effective manner when compared to Modi. Congress is mostly subjected minority sentiments and believes uniting minority. Also there are opinions that the maturity levels of Rahul Gandhi are below par level to rule a secular and diverse country like India. Congress could not solve Bangladesh border problem being in power in a time span of 60 years but BJP taking one and a half years or so to completely find a solution.

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Even though Modi’s government has not been up-to the mark in implementing pre- election commitments which include eradicating unemployment, providing safety to women, an enhanced development in technology and education. So at the present the nations status in the above aspects is below the acceptable level. Now congress is targeting these aspects and showing diplomacy in proceedings to bring an anti-BJP government into ruling.

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Who will win? Is a big question to be answered taking into considerations the present ruling conditions, economic status of India,employability opportunities, technological enhancements and all other aspects. But certainly, one thing need to change and its high time. It is nothing but the mindset of the people. One should cast his/her vote which ensures development of India and elect a Leader but not a politician. Electing a Leader who has an ability to change India from a developing country to a developed country should be the primary agenda for 2019 polls. Also women safety, basic amenities for the poor and eradication of black money and corruption are to be primary aims. So we as Indian citizens should be aware,be wise in taking our decisions and cast our votes for a brighter INDIA.


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