To grow up in a typical Indian middle class family is similar to that of birds trapped inside cages; you’re deprived of using your wings even when you earnestly want to. As soon as you are born, a burden of keeping up with people’s expectations ride on you and if you are the younger child with an average academic career in your family, your life is most probably done for. You’ll be compared to your elder sibling(s) every now and then and it’ll constantly shatter your dreams, hopes and ability to perform well. It might seem like a normal thing to the parents but it surely hampers the inner peace of the child.

Situations might differ from person to person but a child tends to be close to either the mother or father and not both. In case of boys, mothers are their integral support system whereas in case of girls it might differ, but even if there’s someone acting as a support system, you cannot reveal your personal life secrets because that might convert the minuscule events into ordeals. A typical Indian father wants his son to become an engineer/doctor/CA and there’s no other profession that he seems to like. He does not care about what his child actually wants to do, and the moment a child dares to pursue his dreams, he becomes a victim of invariable rage. Limitations, expectations and comparisons make life even tougher for a child who wants to live freely.

Also, to grow up in a typical Indian middle class family is to face financial crunches at times.  Your feelings are subdued and keep your wishes under constant check. Even with the limitations and expectations, you tend to mature with the passage of time and there happens to be a sense of responsibility developing within you. Indian mothers are immensely emotional which in turn affects the child’s mind set as well.

Another prominent problem of the Indian families being the fact that they cannot stand a pre-marital relationship. You’ll be treated as a culprit if you actually get committed in a relationship and no matter if you are ethically right, people will consider you to be morally wrong anyway. It is just the mediocrity that you are surrounded by which keeps you dragging downwards. There’s no way that you can feel good if your family has that kind of a mind-set, forget about the society.

Life becomes despicable when you don’t have anyone to understand your feelings but you still look for someone to keep you motivated, hence it is your friends who play an important role in your life. A true friend acts as a teacher, motivator, a guide and what not. Hence, no matter what happens, you should not let your friends go away from you.

If you have experienced all the above mentioned facts, you are actually very strong and nothing in the world can stop you from becoming a sensation; just that you have tokeep yourself focused so that even the apoplectic parents melt down and help you to achieve what you actually want to. Become an artist, a photographer, a singer, dancer, actor, director and whatever you want to but don’t lose hope because hope is what keeps you going and makes you formidable. Situation may vary accordingly and not all parents are        strict like that. A general sense of discipline is very important in life but it should not be overdone and children should be given their required space to help them turn into a respectable personality and hence build a future worth dreaming for.



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