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Startup trends in India


In the present contemporary world startup has been a trend in the youth. They are very eager in earning their money while they still are learning. Indian students are no exception to this. So we are in an era where earn while you learn is at its fore. But are all the startups successful? If not what are the reasons of failure?

Many a times it is very difficult to see an audacious dream becoming a reality. The main reason why a startup can’ t be a successful one is lack of euphoria. The sustenance of initial euphoria is lacking in today’s young talents. They easily shift from one errand to the other without any consistency. Due to this they become jack of all trades master of none. For a business idea to be successful it required a lot of passion, patience and determination. The ability to take risks is another outstanding quality of a successful entrepreneur. Today as we see in India large number of startups are coming up day in and day out. But there is no proper guidance and encouragement. Due to this it leads to the failure of any kind of startup.

Present youth, more precisely millennial have a big dream of startup. But to the other side of the coin many of the them are coming to this arena of startups due to their inability to withstand high pressure in their respective disciplines. Losing their interest, having no other career opportunities leads to a startup. So the success rate of startups are being deteriorated. To change this situation one should come up with unique and innovative ideas and also a prerequisite of having the ability to take risks. Augmenting ones’s abilities to suit the present market requirements is to be an extra qualification. Burning the midnight oil and working tremendously irrespective of the results and outcomes ensures success someday.

Great levels of panache, harmony and ability to handle erratic situations are qualities of Indian youth. If guided and projected in the right direction startups in India will be a grand success avenue. Diplomacy and success go hand in hand for a startup. So one should break the conventional rules and stereotypes, thereby success is ensured. One should dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Thus to avoid deplore situations and stagnation in daily progress hard work is the key so that more and more ambitious will be definitely directed to the startup era. This leads to an overall economic development of country too thereby, eradicating poverty and illiteracy.




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