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Mind about what it thinks,


Its always about what our mind wants, about what it thinks, about what it perceives and it just go on. My application may be remain unnoticed but still I would like to give it a chance because its about it right? Its about the chances we give to ourselves, and there is where our determinations is shown down.
I am 20 and this is that awkward phase of my life where I don’t know what I am actually up to, what things I actually want from my life, what I will do after my graduation. Its all been a mess in my head and my mind stops working. Sometimes it takes seconds to get on to the thinking about what you want and sometimes it becomes so hard that your mind would never figure out what it is about.
Our mind, it has an immense hold of knowledge. It hold the power of imagination. We can create a whole different world through our imagination. Our mind is a treasure, a treasure which keeps hold on a lot of precious knowledge and memories.
There are so much things that goes on in our mind and hence sometimes it is a necessity to control it, to know where its limits are, to analyse it and to channel that power. If our mankind understands the way of handling and controlling a mind then it can go on a verge to create a unique world which we have never thought of before and then everyone will understand what it is.
Mind is always referred to as the power of imagination. Imagination is a perceived thought which is recognized through our thoughts or simply through our state of mind.It is the ability of our mind to build mental scenes,objects or event that doesn’t exist. It is a power of our inner vision which is a blessing to the mankind but is more than often remain unused.
There are so many thoughts that put us down and let our self esteem break into pieces, this is when our strong and determined mind help us to keep going.
It is a necessity to keep a healthy and positive mindset and to achieve so we need to accept the eternity and we need to understand how it functions, we need to be the boos of our mind. And to be so, you need to change the way of your thinking, about your whole perspective of looking at things. That is where everything will change, everything will come into its place and you would be able to control your mind according to your will and the way you want it to be. Controlling and understanding the thinking process, also leads to the ability to silence the mind, which is a higher stage that very few know about, and fewer take practical steps to achieve.
When to find the ability to silence the mind it is then when you get the ability to control it as per your necessity. Silencing our thoughts makes us understand everything in a wider picture and makes us understand every fine details. It gives us inner peace and we find happiness altogether. When the mind and its thoughts are at peace then we understand everything with clarity and we understand our existence.


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