Home Motivation lets celebrate the flaws, which makes us flawless.

lets celebrate the flaws, which makes us flawless.


We as a humans are the most unique creature on earth. It is because we have been given the thinking capacity and the reason. But even each of us is different in some way or the other. Every day we speak or write but in these we are always conscious of what to say and write. Often we have something’s in mind but we never directly speak or write it out. Why? It is because we are more considerate about the elite way of it the standardized for, and somehow we feel if we don’t align to it, we won’t be considered as of important. But how far is this useful. Yes no doubt in some field you need to maintain so standards.

Today we are talking of as humans each of who has something to say or write but is hidden due to this. Write or say what you feel, that is the purest form of one’s thought and emotion. The fresh and innocent that is not aware of the rules. Even Shakespeare was of the opinion that words should not be ornamentalised that makes it loose it charm. Why do we need to corrupt our very own way we think. Some might have a writer in them but after writing a book they will constantly filter it. What comes out of that filtered is not the ideal product that you have thought. Anyway the world is masked, do we still need to mask our thoughts too? Is it justified for the thought? How justified are we to ourselves? The world is a big book that has rules, manners which is apt for a section. Everyone else is just running behind in race to achieve that aptness. For a moment think of ourselves. You may be a different person. But to match up with all around, you hide that pure self of yours. You start to change your habits, dressing habits, eating manners, ways of talking. Yes no doubt you are accepted and living in a spouse society. But look inside yourselves you will find a self die day by day with all the makeover taking its place. How far will you be satisfied? You will find copies of yourself around. And then a point will come you will have the urge to return to your true self. That moment of satisfaction can never be matched. It is always said ‘back to nature’ it can also be interpreted as any form as to human nature too.

Instead of trying to cover, make up our thoughts, try out the raw and crude forms. Aren’t the artificial things over materialized, so it’s same in all case. Embrace what you are all are different and we need to be Xerox copies of a single piece. You, me us let’s celebrate this difference without stress of being perfect. Accept happily the flaws our perfectly imperfect self, you will have the self satisfaction and peace that you won’t achieve even being the epitome.


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