One of the most general question faced by many students and youth. The most repeated proverb which comes to our mind about failure is Failures are stepping stones to success. The present mindset of the people is they eagerly listen and understand the essence of proverbs,quotes etc. But none of them strictly follow that path which leads to success. One more thing is many of the people ignore good habits, some are lazy to change their lifestyle. Ultimately life and failure go hand in hand.

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When situations seem to be bad and when there is failure in each and everything, we get depressed and our thoughts are rapidly directed such that we think “why this is happening to me only?”. When are thoughts are at this stage self-analysis is to be done. One should ask himself “Have I been perfect in all aspects in the journey so far?” , “If not, then what’s the reason for my depression?”

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Once self-analysis is done we understand that the reason for failure is one’s one behaviour, habits and thoughts. So why to get depressed. Stay calm and understand that failure is a wonderful opportunity to erase your mistakes and correct yourself. Just think that failure is a blessing in disguise. So when you are not perfect and success comes to you that’s a false prestige and its like a white elephant. At this stage if you are failed, in fact you are lucky enough to begin from initial stage. Change your habits and start trying again.

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Once you start trying and rectify yourself again failure is inevitable. Don’t lose hope and correct yourself in some other aspects too and someday success is inevitable. So change your mindset and when you are struck with failure stop getting depressed, think failure is an opportunity, a blessing and stop comparing yourself with your colleagues how are succeeded. If you do so a feeling of jealousy will take its place in your mind and one can never succeed. Instead ask  them what are the paths that lead them to success. Thereby one can understand the value of failure. Start immediately!! You are never too late. Good luck!!


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