So there are times when you end up thinking what am I doing with my life? You want to try out so many different stuffs but end up passing your day and the time. Most of us are able to figure out our hobbies but many of us don’t really end up with anything. Here in this article I am going to mention few of the things which I adapted or to be more precise tried adapting because I am insatiable, so I look for more and more. I am listing it in a backward way, so the most recent one is first.

1.       Watching TV series:

Everyone has a good speed internet connection in their house nowadays, so using it to watch something good which has a message is what you can go for. Entertainment is always fun. Sometimes these shows might increase your knowledge just generally. They are entertaining and keep you engaged for some time. So I am going to mention the ones which I find good. First and foremost is F.R.I.E.N.D.S , it’s going to teach you how to live your life happily. How I met your mother, Pretty little liars, 13 reasons why, the vampire diaries are few to name. And keep exploring your genres.

2.       Writing:

Yes, writing is one of the reasons you have come across this article. It actually started with reading fan fictions of your favourite characters. This led me to the interest of reading books, I would mention about it in next point. I actually started writing kind of letters to my best friends whenever I needed to apologize, because I can be bad with words sometimes. I realized I can express myself more through writing. So I practiced writing and got to learn new words. This is one of the hobbies I still have and I am kind of trying to polish it by writing some articles online, so that I can learn more from my mistakes.

3.       Reading:

I kind of got into reading because of my obsession for a TV serial. So I started reading fan fictions and got introduced to a new world of books. I started with Chetan Bhagat books, I have read almost all the books except the new one, then Goosebumps series books, few more authors like Savi Sharma, Durjoy Dutta, Ravinder Singh. But I realized I might not be that patient with reading so I got into writing stuff. But books could be addictive and I still read, but very few.


4.    Drawing/doodling:


Ok for this you need not be trained because who is presenting the drawing for competition. Just random lines and shape are what you can start with. In fact you don’t even need variety of colors; just a single pen or pencil would work. I tried it and somehow it became my long time hobby in the childhood but I still don’t know how to draw a person’s face. I also did fabric painting and normal painting. You can give it a try, you might just become an artist.

1.        Cooking:

YouTube is the best guide to enhance your culinary skills. Yes I tried this too. It’s quite helpful for people like us who are foodie, so we can cook anytime, whatever we want to eat. I actually got into baking and seriously, homemade cakes are much more delicious than the bakery ones, I believe it though.

2.       Stitching:

I am a girl, so I always want to have clothes which fit me perfectly. So I ended up altering my clothes whenever they go loose. And then I learnt stitching other things like a purse, a bag, pillow covers and many such things which can be recycled from old clothes. I was so into stitching that I ended up getting a little power to my eyes. I also tried learning crocheting and made small toys out of it, earrings etc.


There are lots more to add up to this list but these have had the most impact on me. You can try out whatever you have interest in; you can explore more and more when you are free. It will keep your thoughts away from consuming you and who knows you might end up making a carrier out your hobby.



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