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What is being organic?


Living an organic life is a new concern that exists among the population in today’s world. In this hustle and bustle way of life, somewhere we are decaying within ourselves. We are gradually living a life of toxic ants, drenched in artificiality.  In a run to do better and have a better way of life we are consuming end numbers of products that are not only harmful but contributing to lessen and sicken our health. But it’s only of health but also the environment is growing sick. We all are connected. Man and environment depend on each other. It is the activities of man that affects both and then the cycle continuous. So there is a consciousness among the people to go back to organic state.

Everyone talks of being organic. But what does this organic means? Living an organic life does not mean eating foods that are grown without the use of chemicals and fertilizers. Yes, that is but it includes various others too. Yes you can also think, in this big world how can we or what can we do to be organic? How does this happen? What should we do/ this and that, a lot of questions. Let’s just think for a while, changes does not occur in one night but it takes several night. Similarly we need not do big things. Some little steps will contribute eventually to something big. It is true that in today’s world it will be very difficult to adopt such steps for we are so adapt to the conventional way of living that trying to be organic will be a little frustrating in need. We can be conscious of the world around us and try to create and do things which will lead us to a healthy life and also creating a healthy lifestyle. And how can this happen, at first it would be a little problematic but if we try we can for sure.  It can done by like saving electricity, not uselessly wasting waster, less use of non biodegradable things, less use of vehicles for short distances, trying to grow your own little garden, visiting the local farmers their products might not be attractive but yes healthy, try to reuse, recycle the things which can be done.

Living organic means contributing less which affects the environment and your health. It means trying to be conscious of those little things which can be done to keep a healthy life and environment. A little steps and activities and create a difference. We should always have a starting point by which things will take place and work accordingly. Lets promise ourselves even if we cannot take or make a big difference but will surely try to lessen it to have a organic life and environment altogether.


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