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The Forgotten Games


In a world that is constantly changing, there are a lot of things that we are forgetting, which is dissipating like breathe on misty mornings. One such thing are the traditional games, that Indian children would play. With technology being ubiquitous, it is has slowly pervaded every sphere of our lives. Though, we are aware the harmful effects of technology especially mobile phones, but the new age parenting, leads to doing just that.

If not mobiles, each new age parent wants their kids to be stalwarts with advanced coaching in Olympic and high end sports. But in all these advances, something is getting lost, the innocent games of the previous generation. Something, which even a couple of decades ago, you could see kids indulge in, during holidays, with their siblings or cousins or the neighbourhood kids.

So, what are these games that most millennial children have not even heard of?

·         Hide and Seek- popularly known as chor police or chhupam chupai and various other regional names. Where several people hid under beds, behind cupboards and any other ingenuous places, and one person had to search all of them out. Usually, on finding the hidden comrades, you had to scream out “dhappa”.

·         Dog and the Bone- a popular game played during recess, it consists of two teams, where every time one individual from each team has to volunteer. There is usually a bottle in the middle and one of the two has to pick it up before the other. The one who loses, is eliminated.

·         Hop scotch- it is a game where 8 squares are drawn on the ground, in 2-1 manner, and a pebble has to be thrown on any of the number and you have to jump on one leg. It results in a lot of mirth and friendly quibbles.

·         Lock and key- it was a very popular game in the 1990’s and the early years of 2000. A ‘denner’ has to lock a player, who is then frozen in a spot, until someone else comes and key him.

·         Spinning top- it is known as “lattoo” in Hindi. It is a simple top, which is one with a tapering bottom and round top. The aim is to keep the top spinning for as long as possible.

·         Ludo- the famous family game, which often led to huge brawls, was once a very popular game. The four coloured squares-blue, green, yellow and red. The six on the dice, is on what the fate of the game hung on. Nowadays, it appears on the android version, played on the mobile phones. The charm is all but lost.

·         Snake and ladder- it would usually come attached with Ludo, and here the fate of the player lies on the “put” or one of the dice. You could go up the ladder, or come down if you fell in the mouth of the snake.

·         Tag- it is known by various colloquial name, where one person has to catch the others and the caught member is evicted.

·         Colour man- the denner has to choose a colour, when the others in chorus ask “colour man, colour man, which colour do you choose?” If anyone cant find that chosen colour, you are out of the game.

There are many such games, which have gone out of use and the camaraderie and fun attached with it is also lost. It is a competitive world but the innocent un of spending time wit friend and family was precious and made for fun memories.


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