life is a mixture of feelings,responsibilities,dreams and many more.The most important thing in life is to live actually because if there is no life all these feelings,dreams are nothing and no more validated.

every body has a love and love story obviously but the thing is a successful one or the actually takes the beginning at this point because  we feel in different ways.The successful lovers enjoy their life with understanding partner.success means the acceptance and they share everything.

Now the point is about the failures,and in which way they consider the love and how they define it?the best and suitable thing is to feel the past and represent yourself as a stable person by changing your habits which will have a great impact on you.stick to a work become busy as much as possible irrespective of sorrow and sadness.

otherwise,reminisize your past with happiness and continue the same joyfull feeling leaving your lovely partner who left you.

Take part in everything and show your great interest in most of the aspects.develop positive attitude and recreate your skills turn the mode off to on to view this unfair and judging world.Make that thing as a strength which made you a fail one.

never ever try to stop your feelings but convert them into different useful ideas and beliefs,move on.

Responsibilities play a major role in every individual life.They are our life actually because responsibilities will be holding by a patience one but not to the people  who escape from them.Be responsible for what you are.

life is gods gift given to a great creature called mother who bears us for several months feeling excited to see us.finally make beautiful life not beautiful partners.


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