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Lets embrace nature and its goodness.


Have you ever thought how our ancestors lived back then? How they had a life when the technology, modernization, industries and companies have not touched their lives. Well it was back than nature had solution for each and every thing. The problem and the solution was all there in the nature itself. The health and wellbeing is reliant on natural services that the environment provides. Our life has been surrounded by all forms of artificiality. We live far from nature. On the other hand we are constantly destroying nature for our own benefits. In every step we are extracting everything and anything from nature, trying to make it the part of our artificial life. We are surrounded by modern kind of lifestyle and we are constantly striving to achieve it. In this run we forget that nature has its own benefits too. Let’s see how the raw products are more useful than cosmetic products.

  1. Papaya – This is the most useful of all things. It has anti cancer nutrients. It has a lot of health benefits, digestive usefulness. Again it’s a best thing for dark spots, dull skin and a best face pack you can ever have. Its continuous use for at least a week can give you a clear and glow skin better than any makeup products.
  2. Honey- who does not love sweet and also when it comes with health benefits. This serves a diabetic aid, weight management, skin cure. Acts as a natural cough syrup. It promotes sleep, natural energy source and also acts as a wound healer.
  3. Lemon- The best way is to have lemon water which promotes hydration. It serves as a good source of vitamin C. It improves your skin quality to be used as a face mask with other items. Most importantly it supports weight loss if taken in a limited way. It aids digestion. It also freshens breath and also aids in underarms smells during summers. It helps prevent kidney stones.
  4. Aloe vera- This has benefits in curing diabetics, skin irritations and rashes. This is useful for hair as well as for skin. Also treats constipation and helps in digestion.
  5. Tulsi – This plant is holy but with much benefits. Just three leaves are enough for treatments. It fights against acne, Protects against diabetes. It also balances hormones and lowers stress. Relieves fever take it as a medicine before going to bed also helps improve respiratory disorders. Tulsi helps in dental care and oral health killing of bad odor and tooth pains.

Likewise the list will go on and on. There are those other products like tomato, ginger, coconut water, garlic, curry leaves etc, etc. we do consume it in everyday life but what we forget is that it also helps the other way around. We search for things which has natural label stamped on it. But never try this naturally. The products contains only minute amount of it and rest mixed with chemical. There is a point up to where we can go back to nature. If we have grandparents at home they still say their days are much better or they didn’t have any such problems which this generation people face now a day. Why because they had a natural way of living. The much we are progressing the much we are creating new problems for ourselves, which would rather have been less during our time.



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