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In this hectic and complicated world, follow this amazing tips to get a active and healthy life.


In this modern advancing world people are stucked up with late night office, work pressure, deadlines etc. Among all we have forgotten that we are persons and not machines and we have to tend to ourselves. What’s the point of working and earning when you have a sick self. The defect part of this modern world is we are more to screens than the real world, junk foods, lazy and unhealthy.

Lets take some time for ourselves and make a routine to follow some simple steps to be active and healthy.

1. Make a daily routine to be a part of outside world. Be it morning or evening , go fpr walks, cycling, jogging. This makes your mind fresh n stress free.

2. Junkies are okay but make a habit to eat fresh juices, fruits, greens. Eating affects our life to great extend. Unwanted sickness can be avoided. Eat healthy, stay healthy.

3. Take breaks from the continuous work cycles. Go for weekends, picnics, travels. It releases a lot of stress and makes you active and joyous. New places, new refreshments.

4. Make time for what you like doing. Any hobbies, anything apart from your work where ypu find happiness. Maybe sometimes for situations you have left them, but they need ypu like you need them.

5. Get yourself out of social life. Natural life is relaxing. Ypu never know what it may give you. Prehaps a new inspiration.

6. Make friends. Spend time with them. Talk of whatever may be disturbing you. This solves a lot many things.

In this complicated world we have made our lifes more complicated. Relax, breathe.

Change somethings and see not everything is tough!



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