“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

I remember literally fighting and arguing with my mother that Why was I supposed to study? And why am I supposed to go to school every day? Well I do realize it now…I was once walking in the market and something just let me stop and take a moment to notice what I was seeing. I saw a kid dressed in his school uniform holding a newspaper in his hand and reading it aloud to his mother who was sitting right in front of him, simultaneously selling vegetables… What was he doing?

In a market where people are so engrossed in selling their products, buying stuff, arguing etc,  this boy right here decided to read the newspaper maybe showing off his reading skills to not only his mother but also various other people who were buying things around him. Her son reads out the newspaper to her, and she smiles, why smile? Oh wait maybe he just read her a joke from the comic section?

The emotions that were seen so evidently in those mothers’ eyes were of so much worth.

A place where children don’t have opportunities to educate themselves due to financial crisis or various other reasons, this mother works all day just to make sure that her son would be well educated and can someday become a “big guy” . Imagine being a mother, having to work, to be able to feed your family, right in the middle of a harsh world, doing things that her husband should have done. I really don’t know what the mothers story is and I don’t want to judge but this is what comes to my mind.

A woman left all alone with a child, to raise him up, with a child to educate. She cannot read or write but she very well can be an inspiration to this young boy, a push for his future. At home I’m sure they might have had those dialogues where the mother would have come to know how the child is doing in his studies and he’s not doing pretty well and then she would just break down and say something like “I don’t want you to end up like me”

If  ever she  wonders at herself for being able to raise him up, she would indeed very well know that she has done a great job and that she should be proud of the fact that this time corruption didn’t step in or only being a rich person’s son can get admission in schools weren’t playing as a barrier but the dedication that this mother took, for her child to be educated and do better in this world, that she made sure her son is getting the right education that he needs is a message to all.

Education is something that has power. Power to save, power to rescue, power to guide, power to pursue…

As it is said by John Dewey “Education is not preparation for life but life itself”


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