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Doodling: An art of expressing one’s thoughts


Most of the people consider doodling as a waste of time. It’s been misinterpreted by everyone. But now its gaining popularity.  Doodling is actually one of the most powerful means of expressing one’s thoughts. It is an act which requires good observation skills and presenting thoughts and creative ideas on paper.  When a person doodles he unlocks new creative and intellectual pathways within himself.  Its been found that doodling helps in memory retention.

There’s no such thing as a mindless doodle.  It not only opens the doorways into the imagination but also elevates focus and concentration. Anyone who doodles is actually capable of displaying his thought process to the world.

” you can use doodling as a tool to change your physical and neurological experiance in that moment ”

One need not be an artist for doodling.  Anyone can learn and doodle.  According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Cognitive Pschology,  doodlers find it easier to recall dull information than non- doodlers because the latter are more likely to daydream.  Doodling is such an enjoyable act that helps generate ideas and be more creative. Doodling is now gaining respect. People are realising its importance and the hard work that is put into it.  Doodling can be done of anything like animals,  flowers,  designs, quotes, etc. It simply gives pleasure and peace of mind.  If you are planning to doodle just go for it. At first you may not get that perfection but it is said that practice makes a man perfect. So start doodling!


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