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A little steps towards a organic life.


Aren’t we all are confused about how and when can we be organic. What can we do to be organic. In today’s world moat of the people strive to live a organic life. But does organic life means only eating organic. No. It also includes several other steps which would make the Earth a organic place to live in. So how can we create a altogether organic space to live in, in this constant rigorous world of artificiality.

Always have a determination to start. The much you delay is much its delayed. You don’t need to have a plan but work in each and every way you can. Next. Try to use environment friendly things which would not harm the environment and your health. Try to use every waste from kitchen as a source for natural fertilizer. Even cleaning your garden, use the dried leaves and grasses with cow dung to is it in growing crops. Try to maintain your own little garden. The much large the production, the larger will be the use of chemicals. Your own little garden would produce little but healthy ones.avoid using of plastics. This are a main source for environmental problems. Try to use less of electricity, water and unnecessary waste of natural things. Try using cycles. They produce less of harmful gases. Try and visit the local farmers near your locations.

By this you may contribute little but a much towards a organic life and a planet.


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