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What old love smells like!


It’s almost surreal , how even though we are such complex creatures with millions of neurons keeping us on our feet and billions of cells keeping us up to our tasks it doesn’t take much to move us to tears, hit us with nostalgia and turn the pages to the times spend with old loves.

Even though you have something amazing at the moment you always wonder about the things that could have been if everything had worked out with your old love.  You never forget the chaste kisses, the sleep deprived nights, stolen glances and the butterflies. And then the sound of a heart breaking, teardrop stains on your pillow and trying not to call them and beg to get together again.

Old loves teaches you to fall apart and get back together. They show you what loving someone really is. They make you laugh, they make you cry, they become your sanctuary and finally they let you go. Leave you all alone in the middle of an ocean with a broken ship and the captain all gone. All you want to do at that time is to dive into the water and come back again clean and forget about the wreckage lying on a shore somewhere.

The wreckage and the disaster scares you so much that you drift away from the water and almost make yourself a desert. But a chance of new love makes you want to go on a new voyage. To laugh, and fill your heart with love again.

I think old love smells of many firsts and promises to love you forever, heartbreaks and heartaches ,lipsticks and cologne and reasons to call it old and find something new.


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