They say “Crime does not pay as well as Politics”.

Who would not want to be famous? Famous for maybe being extremely rich, famous for one’s talent, famous for saving someone’s life? But how about Being famous for all the wrong reasons? As mentioned earlier everyone wants to be famous well so did ‘Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab’.

From being rejected from his own family, this young guy at the age of 11, was clearly a brave one to have ran away from home… He started engaging himself in petty crimes and armed robbery with his friend. His only motto was to BE FAMOUS and to grab people’s attention but ,was his thirst for recognition or being FAMOUS so very deep that the flowing blood or the lifeless bodies were of little importance to him than his pictures being published in newspapers and cameras that captured his face that were circulated all around the globe?

During the police interrogation, his mother tongue being Urdu caused misinterpretation of his original caste ‘Kasai’ being written as his surname.  He was a person who would always invite negative emotions like anger, hatred, negativity and revenge. Well it didn’t stop there! He later received training in a Marine War-fare Camp. He was the same Kasab who was executed on 21st November 2012 for killing innocent lives in a terror attack wherein not just people but HUMANITY died.

Apart from all this, humor was added when he claimed to have an interest in Bollywood movies which led him to Bombay. He was no doubt a rebellious young man who still had a soft corner for his family back home- a complete Irony.

If only he would knew that the meaning of ‘being famous’ was not always being noticed by cameras or 24×7 followed by media but rather just being oneself. By not intentionally doing something that’ll grab a millions attention which would last for hardly a day but by just bringing a smile on the beggar’s face who lives opposite your house or by listening to small children calling your name with joy every time you step out from your house, by being followed by dogs wagging their tails with joy till you reach home.

Well he always wanted to be FAMOUS and indeed that’s the reason why he’s still remembered, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons …


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