Family… when you read the word family what pops up in your mind? Mom, Dad, siblings etc… well that’s right! Family is something where we know we are comfortable, where we know we are accepted wholeheartedly etc. But let’s just say,  “Family is nothing to do with whose blood you carry, it’s who you love and who loves you” makes you think right? I heard this dialogue in one of the movies that I watched last night and it definitely kept me thinking…

This line personally for me meant a lot and is actually a reality. I am not blood related to my mom or my dad nor my brother, yeah you guessed it right!  I was three months old when I was brought home and since then the word “Family” turned into reality.

Family is a place where you grow together, where your flaws are quite visible and you are not afraid to hide them, you encourage each other, motivate each other in doing what is right, you correct each other, you are there for each other. That’s what a family meant to me.

Like I said family is nothing to do with whose blood you carry, similarly you could have friends whom you consider as your family. They can be the ones who were there for you when nobody was, they could be the ones who stood by you when your own world was falling apart, they could be the ones who picked you up when you had almost lost hope, being fallen a thousand times, exchanging dialogues like “Bhai hai tu mera!” or “great going baby girl!”  gives you a chance to not only call them family but actually consider them as one…  Family is a place where you feel secured no matter what the situation is or no matter how terrible your life could be.

When I had shifted to a whole new state due to my parents job, for me everything was new, be it from a new setting to a new house, new people, new air, new surroundings etc. I didn’t know the language here, college had started and I had joined 20 days later, I was eventually named as a “new girl” which was quite obvious. I didn’t know the people, funny thing was, there were times when I got lost while coming back home from college. Everyday knowing that I had to move on,  I encountered few breakdowns, rejection every now and then, felt like I didn’t belong here , it took me days to come out of my own shell.  There were also times when I was losing hope, when I wanted to go back. Thoughts like “No, I didn’t want a change” “No, I don’t want to be here” kept bothering me.  I was completely hopeless… But you know what kept me from giving up?  My Family.

Every day I would see people change outside which was quite “normal” I would come home with my head low, and discouraged…

Its been 10 months now and I am much better and much more stable, made few new friends, learnt few words of new language etc. Well then you might ask me how? How did I manage all that?  Here’s a thing as soon as I would come back home from college, for some reason I felt at peace, I felt light, I felt like hey! I can do this!  Reality was that inspite of me witnessing all the changes that the world outside would have, surprisingly my family did not undergo any change…

One of the reasons I would get up each morning to face the same people, same roads, same journey was because of the fact that my family was still the same. Still extra loving, extra caring, extra encouraging, extra fun!  Fact that no matter what happened outside I knew that  I was safe “Home” , no matter how cruel the world was I would always find my comfort at “Home”,  no matter how badly the world had put me down I would always find hope to get up, every single day because of that one word -“Home”

 Home is what I call my family.





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