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Let go, it’s the best thing you could do.


Let go, it’s the best thing you could do.
From the topic itself you must be knowing what this article is about. Letting go. Is it easy? Is it something that’s amazing? Is it something that’s pleasant? No, not at all. Letting go is the toughest thing a human being could do. It’s hard, saddening and sometimes the most stressful thing to do. But why is it the best thing to do?
Well if you go to see in any relationship that’s surviving, it is surviving because someone took the first step to let go because someone was courageous enough to let go. Maybe let go of the past of what his/her partner had? Maybe letting go of that phase where things were terrible and you making the decision of moving forward? It could be anything.

Letting go is one of the most courageous things to do. An adopted child would always be held back in any relationship by the strong feeling of “I’m always a victim” and he could never get out of it or never even might have the courage to let go of that feeling.
A family who has suffered a major financial loss and could never come out of it even after years have gone by, by just not letting go of the past. A person could be one of the most discouraged person because of the dwellings that he is having due to the past or some other reason.
You see letting go is difficult but the consequence of letting go is definitely worth it. That some adopted child if he’d have enough guts to let go, he would see life in a very different way and indeed filled with happiness because he’s let go of his past. That family could live a better life, without sadness and depression etc and just accepting the reality and letting go of the past. That relationship could be amazing because that one person again decided to let go of all the grudges.
Our life is temporary so is our pain and sorrows and all the wrong that is happening in and around our world. Again letting go is not easy but is the best thing to do always. Not letting go of something could damage a person emotionally, physically, and mentally. A person could glow And his soul might be in peace after he has made the decision to let go.

Imagine if you were in a situation wherein you were told to hold a rope. And that rope is being pulled for the opposite side. Every second you are thinking how will you not let go. That rope each second is getting tighter around your palm and your is in us starting to get red and by every pull, your palm is getting bruised. Deep scars and maybe even bleeding. Is it not good enough to let go? It will be difficult because you still want to grab that and show the world how strong you are but ultimately are you strong enough? But imagine you let go… ah, what a relief that would be. Of course, it’s gonna take time to heal but it will heal and your hands would be even more stronger to go against any small rash because it suffered even more…

Songs “Let it go” “Let her go” are one of the best examples of this article. The lyrics would turn into reality when you connect the soson to your life. And again it aint easy but it’s the best thing to do my friend 🙂


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