Oh how our world if full of people following their role models, doing things that their grandparents did followed by their dad’s and now them. Imitating that famous girl from college right from her dressing style to the way she talks or walks.  Oh!   but how the ones who didn’t  follow those TRENDS were the ones who were being bullied…

It is so important for us to understand that being different is the bravest yet the most beautiful thing.

I was always bullied or questioned to the fact that “how I’ve lived my life being single?” I was always  told to stand aside when my friends would talk about their crushes or boyfriends every now and then and trust me that hurt. But as I grew mature little did I know that when I was being different from the others, that’s when I was being noticed, when I got opportunities in doing something that the rest wouldn’t ever do… Slowly I started realizing that IT WAS ALL OKAY.  It was okay for me to not gel in with the crowd, it was okay for me not being accepted by thousands because believe me, to have a lot of friends was actually a CRAZE but a few good friends were the ones that I CRAVED…

At the end we were all meant to be different, act different. Think about those times when we were in school,  though we were all given the same uniforms or even when there were 4 Raju’s in the same class, we all had a completely different personalities, and we were so proud of who we were! The first bench girl was proud that she would always score above 90% apart from the entire class who barely scored above 70%. The last bench guy was proud of who he was because he knew he could grab teachers attention or maybe had the ability to make everyone laugh while the teachers were out. I’m sure that, that girl who never spoke to a lot of people including you was somewhere proud of her own special talent of painting even though she was labeled “Miss Quite.”

So what had changed?

As we grew was it that, being focused in the competition of “looking pretty” so much that we had lost our own worth? Was being so focused in the competition of “scholar’s” or “our neighbor’s son earning more salary” , so much that we lost our own worth? Or have we, in search of identity from the world, have lost our identity?

In being different we actually have an advantage of being real and true not only to our self but also to the world, and the satisfaction that you have of not letting anybody else control your emotions or thoughts,   is the satisfaction that you’ll be proud of! Therefore step out, don’t be afraid of being different because, The world might always laugh at you because you are different but guess what? You would laugh at them because they’re all the same…




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