India is full of cultural diversity. It has wide variety of languages, cultures, fashion statements, way of living and so on. The diversity varies within states and territories and hence there is a lot to explore nearby you and learn the way nature rejuvenates the quest of humans. The birds migrate and carry along the richness of the aroma present in the air from one place to another. They sing a song to welcome the unseen and to call their fellows. They are free of greed and lusts and move on their way to joyless and freedom. They make homes lay eggs and fly away in the endless skies and then on then continues their generation. They speak the language of love while we humans speak the language of words in order to express our emotions. We humans decor ourselves with glitters, shining bright clothes on festivals and occasions and functions and feel the happiness and reunion. We exchange material gifts for our daily use and to fulfil our desires. We forget pains and worries and enjoy the thing of beauty. Sometimes beauty is even captured in cameras and then put in canvas for other people to see. Hence life of human is diverse .This diversity attaracts tourists from all over the world to know about the history of mughals and kings ,bruisers and freedom fighters how their bravery led India a secular country with rights to all. The diversity of religions is found in India the most.The gods we believe in brahma Vishnu Mahesh,the Vedas ,puranas ,gita,Ramayana, the stories of selflessness and truthfulness and ethics are reflected to the future generation just because of these books.There are a lot of dharma gurus running their business in the name of god by washing brains of people.Then there is a diversity of flaura and fauna found at gardens and protective areas and gardens to make them attaractive to look and well maintained for presentation.Wide variety of clothes are also present some like to look cool n chill some professional some traditional and the list goes on.Then there is a wide variety of zaika all over  India Punjabi dal makhni,haryanvi lassi ,chicken ,dosa from south which attracts everyone. Then there is music and dance culture to express their happiness and joy. Various tunes from various regions blend and produces a new beat and everyone gets their feet vibrating on the beats .Then comes the variety of waters some are flowing like a stream unstoppable and few are steady housing various aquatic lives .Then the varieties of mountains and terrains. Various colors  fill in their presence to decorate the earth yellow grains, green grass ,red and blue flowers and so on. This life is only one filled with life by the universe so lets not waste it and live it to the fullest by helping others and taking their help in a genuine and since we are humans so give something to this society of ours.
Pooja Jena


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